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We’ve started working with some of our clients by training them first and subsequently they have come back to us to provide their social media on an ongoing basis and sometimes it works vice-versa.

Can I do Social Media Content and Management myself?

There are pros and cons to either route and it largely depends on your business and the resources available. The self-employed, micro-business will often start with training and DIY social media, which works if you’ve got the time. Using us can free up valuable staff better employed elsewhere in your business. Also, when people are ill or on leave you know that your social media is covered.

We’ll work with you to design a strategy and plan content to match your objectives. We can advise on advertising campaigns and design, implement and provide valuable reporting insights to their ROI.

It’s not one-size fits-all; we don’t do packages because they usually suit the provider not the customer. So, everything we do will be tailored for your business making sure you only pay for what we do rather than for things that are of no benefit to you.

We plan your content and liaise closely with you on a monthly basis to ensure we are obtaining all your latest news and information.

Time is money and Social Media Content & Management can be a very cost-effective way of achieving a successful route to social media success.

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“My generation was born to work with social media – it’s a natural part of our communication with the world.”

Anwar Hadid